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New Profiles Automation Actions

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Today we have released an update to our Profiles automated actions that help with setting eBay auction criteria. In addition, we are announcing a forthcoming significant batch of profiles updates that allow creating or appending orders to batches and other actions automatically.

The New profiles actions released today are as follows:

Set as auction
Auction reserve price
Auction Start price
Auction Buy now price
Auction condition
Auction duration
Auction start date
Relist auction on failed

These actions can be used to speed up your product auction listings to eBay.

We are also pleased to announce another batch of profile automations currently working their way through our testing process. These actions focus on allowing you to add orders into batches or even create new batches and add orders to them based on certain criteria. In addition, you can change the allocation status of an order or even the picking priority.

The forthcoming order batch actions are as follows:

Add to batch
Allocate/Unallocate order
Prioritise order
Create or add to a batch

Each of these actions is configurable based on your required criteria. For example, if the order is over £500, change the status to priority.

We will announce the final release of the batch order actions in soon.

We hope you like them. For support please contact

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