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New Repricing Rules for FBA

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We have now added some more rules to the built in Cloud Commerce Pro repricer to allow for various scenarios where you may wish to compete in different ways with FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) sellers on non-FBA sellers specifically.

It has long been know that Amazon favour FBA listings and so even if you have an impeccable rating and undercut the FBA seller on an ASIN you may still not win the critical Buy Box. Many sellers have discovered that if you undercut the FBA listing by a certain percentage (or monetary amount) you can still win that Buy Box.

With our new repricing rules you can test out new bidding strategies that will allow you to compete more effectively with FBA sellers.

Another scenario is where you are the FBA seller but you realise that you don’t need to undercut the current lowest price and still with the Buy Box.  These new rules also allow you to achieve that.
These new rules are available to all users in their repricing dashboard with immediate effect.

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