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New sitebuilder features added to Cloud Commerce Pro built in site editor

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Web Site builder update – There are several new features added to the platform today.
1. We have updated the image widget to allow you to set a pop out larger image either when clicked or automatically when rolled over. You can set the size of the pop out image as you desire.
2. We have updated the text block to allow you to add more text than the widget has room to display. Again like the image widget you can set it to expand either manually or automatically to show the hidden text.
Both of these widgets have considerable extra styling elements available.
3. We have also added a new feature so you can drag an elastic band around a number of widgets to easily group them together or move them all at once. Previously you had to ctrl-click to select each widget to be grouped. No longer!
We hope you enjoy these updates. These are also available to all our e-commerce site customers.

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