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New Trade and Telephone Order Discounts Feature

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At Cloud Commerce Pro we are delighted this week to announce a huge update to our trade and telephone order discounts feature.

General Discounts Updates
Previously you could add discounts to customers accounts or specific products but not combinations of different types of discounts but we have now updated this feature to allow the following:

1. Apply account discounts for a customer for a specific product or any group of products
2. Apply discounts to complete sales channels i.e. You could create different price banded channels to apply to different customers
3. Apply discounts by date
4. Apply discounts for quantity price breaks i.e. from 5 to 20 of an item gets 10% off and 20-100 gets 20% off
and any combination of the above

Ad-Hoc Discounts New Feature
Whats more we have added a fantastic new feature that remembers all previous Ad-hoc discounts given to customers. Every time you apply a discount to a customer (that is not a predefined discount code), Cloud Commerce Pro will log the amount discounted and if you sell the same item to that customers you will be reminded what you charged them last time and have the option to apply the discount again.

How to use the new discounts features

General Discounts
To access the new discounts function, click the discount option on the main CCP menu.

You will see a list of your discount codes you have created

You can click the + button to add a new discount code and you will be presented with the “New Discount” screen

Then apply Filters to make sure the discount is only applied to the customer, product, date range or quantity you want it to be

Ad Hoc Discounts
To view (and delete) previously used Ad-Hoc discounts, click the Ad Hoc discounts tab

Ad Hoc Discounts are automatically presented to you when you put the same product for the same customer through the CCP shopping basket in future, click on the little bouncing “i”indicator to reveal a new menu that reminds you what charged last time to this customer

Choose if you want to apply the same discount again.

We hope you love the update.

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