International Retailer

An international retailer for outdoor clothing and equipment. Based in the UK, at the time they came to us their overseas sales were growing strongly. In order to keep their accounts in order, they wanted a stock control system which integrated with QuickBooks.

At the time they were using Brightpearl as a stock control system, integrated with Ship Theory to produce dispatch labels. However, they’d tried to cancel Brightpearl at one point and were automatically renewed for another year.

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Cloud Commerce Pro Brightpearl*
Total £350 per mth (Approx.) Total £1,150 per mth
Managed Set-Up Managed Setup
QuickBooks Integration Setup Fee: £500 Not available
Core System Monthly Fee: £300 Monthly Fee: £1,000 (approx.)
QuickBooks Integration Monthly Fee: £50 Not available
Full Training & Unlimited Support Basic Support
Courier Integration & Automatic Booking Not Available
Inventory Mapping Across Channels Not Available
Product Import & Listing Tools Not available

* Information correct as of 19/03/19

  • Requirements

    The company operates five Shopify stores selling worldwide and into four specific territories. They also have an Amazon Seller account and sell through eBay. Their Amazon sales are handled through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), but other sales are processed by the customer using Ship Theory to partially automate the process.

    Any system they used would have to accommodate at least 3000 SKUs and process upwards of 50,000 orders annually.

  • Solutions

    Our core system service provided full integration with QuickBooks and allowed the customer to replace Ship Theory with our Simplex Barcode Dispatch service. They could now scan products as they were picked and packed with labels, invoices, and dispatch confirmations all happened automatically.

    We also provided full integration with their QuickBooks account, removing a potential source of bookkeeping error.

  • Delivery

    Implementation, integration and migration was timed to provide a smooth transition ahead of their Brightpearl contract expiration.

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