Coming on-board with
Cloud Commerce Pro

Business change made simple
Any type of business change is a big decision, and one where you need to feel comfortable, whether you are moving onto an ERP system for the first time or migrating from another. This is why we offer a unique on-boarding procedure to understand the way you work, so the implementation, training and support can be tailored to your needs.

Project Start Meeting

As well as offering a Free Consultation, we can also offer a secondary on-site visit if required, and an online meeting so we can fully understand your processes and the way your business works, allowing us to ensure the implementation is a best fit for your business and to offer help & advice on the key challenges you are facing…

On-site Visit

To fully understand our customers business goals and objectives.

Meet the Team

Meet all essential member of the team to understand their roles

Discover Key Challenges

Offer help and advice on issues being faced by online retailers

Identify areas of Improvement

Advise on areas to improve cost & time efficiencies

Create an implementation Plan

Devise timescales, milestones, requirements & expectations

See what our customers have to say

Listen to the experiences of our customers. In particular, learn how our platform has helped them to grow by improving their business processes.


Unlike a lot of other ERP systems, we fully support and assist in the set-up or migration of our system, from the inputting and mapping of data to syncing stock and listing products across multiple channels.

What we do for you...

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    Integrate with Sales Channels
  • hex-bullet-white
    Import Product Data
  • hex-bullet-white
    Update & Sync Stock Quantities
  • hex-bullet-white
    Create Shipping Rules and Labels
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    Integrate with Couriers and Accounts
  • hex-bullet-white
    Set-up Trade Channels
  • hex-bullet-white
    Create letter and invoice templates

What we Support you with...

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    Preparing your data
  • hex-bullet-black
    Mapping your data
  • hex-bullet-black
    Configure Hardware/Printer Set-up
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    Warehouse Management
  • hex-bullet-black
    Barcoding/Scanning Implementation
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    Drop Shipping Set-up
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    Creation of Auto Purchase Orders


We will create a bespoke training plan, tailored to your specific needs, using the information gathered in the consultation. Allowing you to capitalise on areas of the system that will benefit you most.

Our training can be delivered in several ways including:

  • On-site discovery and training day
  • Unlimited training at our Head Office
  • Access to support
  • One-on-one webinar training


Our support continues throughout with no additional charges. We do not limit you in any way, and actively encourage our customers to come and visit us whenever they want.

We can support you and offer advice in any of the following ways:

  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • Unlimited Web Chat Support
  • Unlimited Cups of Coffee at our Head Office