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One Click Dispatch and One Click Batch improved features

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In the latter part of 2017 we released our now extremely popular One Click Dispatch feature that allows you to carry out many dispatch processes in a simple interface.  One of the key features of One Click Dispatch was that all orders processed together would be kept together in a batch (called a One ClickBatch) to allow further processing as required.

For example, some customers would choose to batch up their orders in the morning, print pick lists and then later in the day recall these batches on their warehouse scanners or in their pack station.  This allows the warehouse manager to isolate groups of orders and track their progress also.

Today we have released some significant updates to the batch feature.



After creating a batch you can now add extra orders to an existing batch at a later point if required.  Just select the orders and go through the normal add to batch feature but instead of typing a new batch name, select from your existing batches.



You can now delete orders from a batch, just enter a batch of orders.  Just enter the batch and select the orders, then click remove from batch



The Dispatch queue has been updated to clearly show if an order is already in a batch and you can load that batch of orders by clicking the indicator




You now have the option of renaming the batches inside the batch by clicking the edit icon


We hope you enjoy the new features.

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