Cloud Dispatching – Picking & Packing

Exceed customers’ expectations by providing fast and accurate order fulfilment. With our platform you can transform your picking and packing processes, to ensure all orders are correctly despatched in the quickest time possible.

Efficient & accurate picking and packing despatch process

Cloud Commerce Pro provides a powerful and comprehensive picking and packing solution to suit any size of business. Many processes can be automated from the generation of picking lists and printing of shipping labels to booking delivery with couriers - with the help of barcoding and scanning technology.

Maintain high customer satisfaction with total dispatch automation, including automatic returns processing.

Dispatch Features

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    Multiple Picking Methods

    Create picking lists for individual, multiple or grouped orders, giving warehouse staff clear instructions on the location and quantity of the items to pick.


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    Automatic Shipping Labels

    Shipping/Dispatch labels are printed automatically from the dispatch screen, supporting multiple label types and methods.

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    Courier Logging/Booking

    Once the shipping label is printed the order is automatically booked in with the assigned courier, ready to be collected.

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    Barcode Picking and Packing

    Save time and money! Using barcodes and scanners offers a more accurate and efficient way for warehouse staff to pick and pack.

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    Automatic Shipping Confirmation

    Automatic notifications are sent to your customer when the order is shipped, keeping them informed at every stage.

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    Pack in 30 Seconds

    With total automation, orders can be accurately identified, packed, labelled, booked in and ready to be shipped in less than 30 seconds.

Get more picky with our Picking features

Want to know how many items your staff members are picking, what route they take around the warehouse and how long it takes? Cloud Commerce Pro offers advanced tracking & filters to provide accurate Picking reports. 

We are adding new features all the time…

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Are you applying a shipping strategy to lower costs and increase profit?

Barcode Scanning

Cloud Commerce Pro offers software for Android scanning devices, giving you all the advantages of barcode technology for picking items, booking in stock, and stock taking. You can also feed data from your handheld to the main system via WIFI, so records update the moment you scan – speeding up warehouse management even further.

  • Monitor stock levels at a glance, even with products split across multiple warehouses.
  • Automatically track inventory as it arrives at or leaves your warehouse.
  • Pick items for multiple orders simultaneously, for increased picking efficiency.
  • Use pre-set routines for order picking or build your own custom pick list rules.
  • Book stock directly in and automatically update stock levels on all sales channels.
  • Cut the time taken on each stock check – and increase accuracy.

Track your items with Dispatch Identifiers...

For some businesses, it is essential to track serial numbers, batch codes and other identifiers when dispatching products – e.g. if you are selling computers you may wish to track the serial numbers or for foodstuffs it may be the batch that the food was made from.

Cloud Commerce Pro now includes a Dispatch Identifier feature, with four options:

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    Free Text

    The option at the point of dispatch to enter or scan any number or letter combination.

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    Unique by product

    As ‘Free Text’ but the same identifier cannot be used more than once.

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    Pre-entered Product Serial Numbers (Single Use)

    Serial numbers are entered as you check in new stock.

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    Pre-entered Product Serial Numbers (Multiple use)

    This can be used for batch IDs or serial numbers that can be used more than once but at least one must be selected at dispatch point.

Ship by Pallet – Container Shipping Management

Use our Containers system for better management. For example, allow wholesalers and manufacturers to manage bulk shipments to customers or warehouses.

Also, track shipments by truck, pallet, and box, with contents labels, cargo manifests, etc. These are all automatically generated and printed.

Ensure full accountability and increase delivery efficiency when shipping by the palletload. Perfect for use with couriers or via internal delivery fleets.

Get on-board

At Cloud Commerce Pro, we understand every business is unique. Not only do we just develop software, but also want to understand your processes and needs, in order to provide a bespoke service tailored to achieving your goals.

Our unique, on-boarding approach offers an on-site consultation. Let alone our advice and training designed to help your business grow.

  • We meet all essential members of your team and understand how each fits into your fulfilment workflow.
  • We explain our system features in detail, and how to tailor them to your work processes.
  • Create an implementation / migration project plan, to set targets and expectations.
  • Discover key issues you are facing as a business, to offer help and advice, using our years of retail experience.
  • Identify potential areas to reduce costs while improving sales and revenue.