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Order from Stock Price Overrides and Payment Sense Gateway

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We are pleased to announce an update to the order from stock screens of Cloud Commerce Pro. This is where you currently take stock, telephone, and pre-orders.

We have added two new features today.

1. Price overrides – To add to the considerable choices around discounts that you can apply to customers, we have now released a new option called Price Overrides. Some of our users would like to be able to apply a set price for a customer that differs from their main price lists but is not shown as a discount. Previously to achieve this you would have had to apply a discount which in an earlier release we made it easy to add. Today we have increased your options so when you override the main price rather than discounting, Cloud Commerce Pro will remember the price you charged and the next time your customer buys the same item and quantity it will automatically override the price again and warn you that the price has changed. You also get the option to delete any price overrides if you don’t want to give them in the future.

2. Payment Sense Gateway – We are delighted to announce that we have now included the fantastic Payment Sense gateway into the order from stock screen in Cloud Commerce Pro. Previously we supported this gateway on our EPOS tills but by popular demand, we have now added support to the order from stock screen too. If you are using other credit card gateways you should really consider giving Payment Sense a try. They can offer incredible credit card charge rates. Just ask your project manager or any of the support team for an introduction.

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