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Parcelhub Expands Supply Chain Outsourcing Options

It’s easy to see now that Parcelhub’s New Year Resolution was to make it easier for their customers to use them.

Integrated Labels

Integrated labels and a new fulfilment service suggest 2019 will be a big year for ParcelhubIn early January they rolled out an integrated label system – now picking sheets, packing slips, and shipping labels are produced on a single sheet of paper.

This kind of integrated, streamlined thinking is near and dear to our hearts at Cloud Commerce Pro – our system was already designed to support integrated labels.

There are many arguments for integrated labels. Mispacking is reduced. Picking and packing processes are streamlined, which cuts down on errors and speeds up each individual pack. And these time savings mean that cut-off times for delivery can be pushed a little later in the day – which can mean customers in a hurry choose you over your competitors.

Parcelhub Fulfilment

To start February off, Parcelhub rolled out a fulfilment service for its customers. As with other fulfilment services, customers will be able to outsource storage, shipping, and basic stock management of their products, relying on the firm’s expertise, experience, and distribution network.

Managing Director Mark Rosenberg said “Our clients need us to get on with the job in hand quickly and efficiently. We work hard to make sure we’re as responsive as possible… we know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient distribution partner.”

Announcing the new service, Parcelhub said the strength of this new service is an existing network of relationships, including over 20 carrier partners with over 600 services. They also mentioned experience “integrating with online sellers using Linnworks, Brightpearl, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Cloud Commerce Pro”.

They’re also happy to announce that “delivery performance is enhanced with Parcelhub’s innovative SMART Notifications platform – we’ve analysed and mapped out our carrier partners’ tracking events and identified sequences of scan events that can lead to delivery problems and fix errors such as wrong address and our in-house customer support team proactively rectifies delivery issues, enhancing perceived carrier performance and improving customers’ seller feedback.”

For existing and new Cloud Commerce Pro customers, taking advantage of Parcelhub’s new services is a snap. The Cloud Commerce Pro system is already set up for you to take advantage of integrated labels and offer stock control and warehouse management support options for Fulfilment by Parcelhub.

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