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Product Listing Adverts by Google coming soon to CCP

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Coming soon to Cloud Commerce Pro is our new integrated Product Listing Ad’s module.  This module will integrate with our already integrated merchant centre feed to allow you to place product listings adverts on Google without leaving Cloud Commerce Pro.

Even clever than that the new module will allow you to set a ROIT (return on investment threshold) that will automatically disable adverts that arent making you money. A quick glance at the integrated reports will show you which products are making you money and which products are not worth bothering with.
As if that’s not enough there is a further integration with our built-in Amazon repricing module that monitors the competition on Amazon and let you set prices for your website that are more competitive on the fly.  The sharp ones amongst you will have spotted that you could set a ROIT that is similar to what you spend with Amazon and eBay but the customer is yours to keep and further market and cross sell.  Imagine that the customer who just cost you 14% of your sale price (like many Amazon categories) buys a second item then your cost has dropped to 7% maybe.  Imagine then that your market the customer further and make them a regular customer to your site.  Your cost drops further with each repeat sale.
Now we are certainly not suggesting dropping Amazon or eBay as your sales channels.  Both these channels do an awesome job of marketing products and bringing you business.  It would be nice to be not entirely reliant though wouldn’t it?
Recently we have seen news of Google carrying out some tests with fitting more PLA adverts on their screens and there is no way Google are going to sit back and let Amazon and eBay steal their lunch.  Google PLA is going to be very big business and having the best tools to take advantage of it will make you are winner in this sector.  Cloud Commerce Pro is a leader in producing tools to help you win in the serious end of e-commerce.

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