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Purchase Ordering New Features and enhanced logging

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Today at Cloud Commerce Pro we have further advanced the purchase order feature.

*** Please note: Auto Purchase Order is a facility to assist you creating purchase orders. It does not absolve you of the responsibility to check your orders before placing them with your supplier. Although we will always endeavor to create valid orders, you have a responsibility to check the order before sending, always consult your order logs before sending. ***

The following improvements have now been released with immediate effect.

CCP will now show you when items on your purchase order have been created and then the orders subsequently cancelled by your customers. You will see a strikethrough on the order when looking at the order links section.  This is a good check before sending your PO to check that the numbers being orders are acceptable.

Purchase order logging has been substantially beefed up.  You can now see more much information about every purchase order including manual adjustments.

If Cloud Commerce Pro detects differences or potential adjustments it will now automatically warn you if there are items in the purchase order that relate to cancelled orders and give you the chance to adjust the purchase order.  Please be aware that you can only remove items from Purchase Orders if the order has not already been sent to the supplier.


We hope you like the changes.  If you are not already taking advantage of Auto Purchase Order and would like to please speak to support.  Auto Purchase Order is included on all accounts.


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