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Quick Address Feature for single use addresses

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A new feature coming to Cloud Commerce Pro is our single-use address feature. Previously when adding orders you could add as many address records as required to your customer’s account. We have however been made aware by a number of customers that in certain cases they need to add addresses that are used once and not stored permanently on an account. For example, Dropshipping on behalf of one of your customers can require that you add many orders to one account but send them to different addresses every time with no requirement to re-use the delivery address.

In our new release which should be available to all users by this Friday, we have added a new type of delivery address called “Single Use” which can be used this way.  When adding an order, in the basket you will now see a plus sign next to the delivery address field.  Just click the icon to add a new address.


In the new address form choose “Single Use” from the drop-down menu and add your address as normal.  The address will be used with this order but discarded after a short time.

Further, we have taken this opportunity to improve the new address form and include our awesome postcode and address finder that is currently only available on the create customer screens.

We hope you like the update.

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