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Quick Pick Barcode feature

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At Cloud Commerce Pro we are always looking for ways to speed up our customers order handling.  We have today therefore added a new feature which is an option on our customer pick lists. You can now choose to include a special barcode on a pick list and when this is scanned it marks the order instantly as dispatched and does all the usual post-dispatch items. This new feature allows all our customers to use barcode scanning irrespective of whether you are picking your products by barcode. It works with most simple scanners and the only setup is plug it in your usb port and you are ready to go.  Using this feature will improve accuracy and efficiency.

Just open your dispatch view, scan the special bar code on the pick list and bam! Your order is marked as complete, Amazon or eBay are updated, labels are printed, tracking codes logged, accounts systems updated and any communications you wish to send to customers are handled automatically by the system.

Suitable bar code scanners can be sourced from as little as £10. Speak to your project manager for details.

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