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Re-open Previously Closed Orders – new feature

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From time to time our customers ask us to re-open an order they have accidentally marked as completed.  In the latest update to Cloud Commerce Pro you can now do this yourself.

This button shouldn’t be required during normal operation but we have added a new feature for those times when your staff mark an order as completed when they hadn’t completely dispatched the order (or for other reasons).  You can now forcibly re-open an order and reprocess it.


Click the re-open button


Then select from the appropriate option

Re-open brings it back to the state where it was so if it was part dispatched you can bring it back and dispatch the bit you missed.

Reset brings it back to a state where all items are undispatched.  This option should be used with caution and won’t be required in most circumstances as it resets the order to undispatched completely.

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