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A Scalable Warehouse Management Solution for Every Business

Cloud Commerce Pro offers three types of warehouse management configurations to help online retailers, as well as wholesalers, manage stock across single or co-located warehouses, including in-store premises. These are:

    1. Standard Warehousing
    2. Simplex Warehousing
    3. Complex Warehousing


Whether you are dispatching from one or multiple locations, our ‘Warehouse Management Feature’ helps you keep track of stock locations, quantities, movement and deliveries – regardless of where products are being sold. For every integrated selling channel, each item is linked to a single inventory, ensuring accurate stock control to eliminate over-selling.

All warehouse configurations allow you to:

  • Stay in control of your inventory when selling across multiple channels. Including performing stock takes and recording transfers.
  • Auto-create prioritised picking lists for single, multiple and grouped orders.
  • Book in stock as stock arrives into the warehouse, automatically updating inventory across all channels in real-time.
  • Quickly and simply handle stock adjustments for returned items. Making sure all information is stored and traceable.
  • Access reports showing stock levels, movements and a rate of sales report to predict when you need to re-purchase.
  • Directly integrate with over 20 of the world’s leading shipping couriers and aggregators, generating labels and booking delivery automatically.


Our warehouse management system has been designed to be scalable for any sized operation, from a small stock room to multi-location distribution centres. With each configuration establishing how stock is stored, managed and accessed.


Standard Warehouse Configuration

The standard configuration is designed for small to medium sized operations where stock quantities of each SKU is known, but there is no location assigned.

This very simple solution works great for a multitude of operations that manage moderate numbers of SKU’s and daily orders, with 2 to 3 warehouse staff.

Main benefits:

  • Simple to set-up and manage
  • Greater flexibility of inventory location when booking in stock
  • Can be used with Barcoding and Scanning technology


Simplex Warehousing Configuration

Simplex is ideal from small to large operations who store inventory across multiple shelves, bays or warehouses, but only require the need to know the overall stock, rather than exact quantities in each location.

With extra location information, more efficient picking routes can be created to speed up the fulfillment of orders using a simple drag and drop interface.

Main benefits:

  • Multiple locations can be used to store the same SKU
  • Create efficient picking methods for individual staff based on location
  • When used with Barcodes and PDA scanners – staff can be automatically sent to the next nearest item to pick.


If using the Simplex configuration, it is important to ensure a high level of accuracy when booking in or moving stock, as certain functions are dependent on the location stock is stored.


Complex Warehousing Configuration

Complex has been developed for small to large warehouse operations, and distribution centres who require full stock control at a shelf level – so exact quantities of all SKU’s are known at every location, whether a different shelf, bay or geographic location.

Our Complex warehouse management configuration can also manage order dispatching, stock transfers & deliveries for multiple warehouses in different geographic locations, both locally and world-wide.

With such a high-level of stock control, orders can be sent to the right location or warehouse staff – to be picked and packed in the most efficient way possible.

Main benefits:

  • Provides complete oversight of every product in every location
  • Fast & accurate routing to the specific stock locations for picking and packing
  • Manage the fulfillment and distribution of thousands of daily orders
  • View stock movement and sales reports for all selling channels and locations


Warehouse operations using this method, demand a provision for maintaining accurate stock levels and movement of every product. This can be achieved through a web interface, but we strongly advise the use of barcodes and PDA scanners to move products in and out of locations, as they greatly reduce mistakes and human error.


Standard and Simplex Warehousing is part of our core system, whereas Complex Warehousing requires additional implementation and support. If you feel our Warehouse Management features would benefit your business, please call us today on 01524 230 252.

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