Effective Selling & Listing on Amazon

Get complete Amazon Seller support, integration, stock control & inventory management

Our Amazon marketplace integration allows our customers to effortlessly list and sell products by either creating new, or joining existing listings automatically. Gain an advantage when competing for the ‘Buy Box’ with our re-pricing tool - using rules to decrease and increase the price.

With more and more competition on Amazon, sellers need to have the best tools and resources to enable them to simply list products and manage orders efficiently, while being price competitive and responding to support queries as quickly as possible.

Cloud Commerce Pro can help you instantly list products on Amazon and across multiple channels in one click, or to automatically join existing listings. Save hours on repetitive tasks, allowing you to spend time improving feedback and growing sales.

  • Manage Orders

  • Shipping Integration

  • Inventory Management

  • Amazon Re-Pricing

Amazon Integration Features

  • Listing Amazon Products

    List items on Amazon with minimum effort in multiple languages and countries, automatically joining existing listings.

  • Stock Control

    Manage your inventory across multiple Amazon accounts and marketplaces, with the ability to add or remove listings based on stock levels.

  • Dispatch Management

    Manage all orders from Amazon or other marketplaces and channels in one dispatch queue for quick order processing.

  • FBA Friendly

    Whether you are fulfilling orders or through FBA, or both, our system can manage the orders and update and report on stock levels.

  • Amazon Re-pricer

    Stay ahead of competitors with our Amazon Re-pricer feature. Adjust your price automatically, so as to increase your Buy-box exposure and the best price available.

  • Create Profiles

    Our ‘Profiles’ tool allows you to classify your products based on a set of rules to fit each marketplace specification, for quick listing.

  • Message Centre

    Manage all your incoming sales and support emails from one inbox - pre-identified and ordered for a quick response.

  • Amazon Reporting

    Gain access to a dashboard of reports including sales, stock control, Amazon FBA, financial and returns reports.


How can all your products stay price competitive on Amazon?

Why list your products on Amazon?


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List your products on Amazon in one click using Profiles

It can quickly be overwhelming for many businesses selling across multiple channels and marketplaces. Specifically by the number of product listings to manage and maintain.

Cloud Commerce Pro offers a smart system that removes a lot of the repetitive, time-consuming work of listing products on multiple accounts.

By creating Profiles, you have the ability to train the system into recognising products and product types. So as a result, Profiles will dynamically update certain attributes to match the marketplace criteria where the product is to be listed.

  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Set Amazon Product Type
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Assign the Shopping Services & Template
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Create Dynamic Title/Description from Product Attributes
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Set Primary and Secondary Browse Nodes
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Select the Amazon Theme
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Create Dynamic Barcodes
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Create Dynamic SKUs
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Set Generic Amazon Option

Manage all your customer emails in one Message Centre...

ccp crm message centre

A prompt response to customer queries and complaints can directly affect customer satisfaction. Not to mention if they leave a you good or bad review. In fact, research suggests you can get 50% less negative reviews, as long as you respond to messages within 24 hours.

Indeed, seller reviews not only have a huge impact on driving sales but also whether a seller can reach the ‘Buy Box’ in Amazon. Therefore, in order to succeed as a seller on Amazon, it is vital that you regard customer ‘Contact Response Times’ (CRT) as a priority.

  • All dialogues are noted in the system and attached to the customer’s CRM record.
  • Send emails to the customer directly. Also, mark emails as replied in the linked marketplace channel.
  • Create templates to reply to typical support queries, so to speed up response times and reduce workload.
  • Group all in-bound emails for eBay, Amazon and ecommerce websites into one Message Centre.
  • Identify emails automatically from sales channels where the order was placed.
  • Track and priorities messages in order of the last response time. Also includes reply time alerts and messages.

“Cloud Commerce Pro is a great all-round system for eCommerce channel and inventory management.”

We have been able to seamlessly integrate three eBay stores, Amazon Marketplace and our website with a solution which quickly and easily keeps our inventory levels correct, helps us to process and despatch orders more quickly, and integrates an array of carriers to make printing labels effortless.

Paul Marshall