Listing & Selling on eBay

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With eBay integration and a centralised inventory, you can easily create and list products instantly through auction or ‘buy it now’, while keeping a real-time synced stock across all your marketplace and ecommerce channels.

eBay Integration for Stock Control and Inventory Management

With our years of experience and understanding selling on eBay, we not only provide you with the tools to manage this marketplace, but can offer advice and guidance on best practice in order to increase your visibility and generate sales.

We can help you list, manage and optimise all your product listings, around the globe. While keeping your inventory levels synced and providing the systems to manage the processing and shipping of your orders.

eBay Integration Features

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    Listing Products

    Create and update items on eBay with minimum effort in multiple languages and countries, whether as a ‘fixed price’ or auction listing.

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    Manage all orders from eBay or other marketplaces and channels in one despatch queue for quick order processing.

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    Message Centre

    Manage all your incoming sales and support emails from one inbox, pre identified and ordered for a quick response.

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    eBay Stock Control

    Manage your inventory across multiple eBay accounts and marketplaces, with the ability to add or remove listings based on stock levels.

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    Create Profiles

    Our ‘Profiles’ tool allows you to classify your products based on a set of rules to fit eBay's specifications, for quickly listing products.

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    Gain access to a dashboard of reports including sales, stock control, Amazon FBA, financial and returns reports.


How can you quickly list your products on eBay and Amazon?

Why list your products on eBay?


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List your products on eBay in one click using ‘Profiles’

Many businesses selling across multiple channels and marketplaces, can quickly become overwhelmed by the number of product listings to manage and maintain. Cloud Commerce Pro offers a system to remove a lot of the time consuming and often repetitive work of listing products on multiple accounts.

This is through the creation of ‘Profiles’ that allows our customers the flexibility to train the system into recognising products and product types, which then dynamically update the certain attributers to match the specifications of the marketplace where the product is to be listed.

  • Set eBay Product Category
  • Set the eBay Business Policy
  • Set the eBay Store Category
  • Assign the Shopping Options
  • Select the eBay Template
  • Create Dynamic Title/Descriptions from Product Attributes
  • Create Dynamic Barcodes
  • Set Multi-list Dropdowns and Image Switcher

Manage emails from customers in one Message Centre

Responding promptly to customer queries and complaints can directly affect customer satisfaction and whether they leave a negative review. Research suggests, messages responded to within 24hrs receive 50% less negative reviews.

Seller reviews not only have a huge impact on driving sales but whether a seller can reach the “Buy Box” in Amazon. In order to succeed as a seller on Amazon, it is vital that you regard customer “contact response times” (CRT) as a priority.

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    Aggregate all in-bound emails for eBay, Amazon and ecommerce websites into one message centre.
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    Emails are automatically identified from the sales channels, where the order was placed.
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    Messages are tracked and prioritised in order of last response time, with alerts and messages showing reply times.
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    All communications are documented by the system and attached to the customers CRM record.
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    All emails are directly sent to the customer and marked as replied in the linked marketplace channel.
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    Create templates for replying to typical support queries, to help speed up response times and reduce work load.

Why choose Cloud Commerce Pro?

Granted, we feel the success of our customers has a direct impact on the success of our own business. As a result, we want to see you exceed as we do ourselves. Thus, aiming to deliver exceptional world-wide growth, as well as reducing administrative and managerial headaches of trading across multiple channels.

  • Our unique on-boarding approach offers an on-site ecommerce consultation and also advice and training.
  • Indeed, we understand your key challenges as a business to offer tailored advice in achieving your goals.
  • We will create an implementation / migration project plan, to set targets and expectations from the start
  • Speak to real human beings! No raising tickets, no impossible help-guides. Our support is pro-active, dedicated & hard working.
  • We actively encourage our customers to come and visit us whenever they wish. Furthermore, we have a transparent, open door policy.
  • We have a wealth of experience in retail, ecommerce and professional design and marketing services.