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Sell Your Products on La Redoute

If you sell homeware, clothing, jewellery or accessories you’re probably already aware of La Redoute. One of the rare brick & mortar retailers to also become a major player in eCommerce, La Redoute is originally French but now operates in twenty-six countries.

La Redoute don’t have to be a competitor, though – they operate as a marketplace, much like Amazon, Wayfair, and eBay. That means their 10 million active customers across Europe can be your customers, too.

You can now get the full benefit of Cloud Commerce Pro while you sell on La Redoute.

Selling on La Redoute

The company is proud of its French heritage – its story begins in 1837 in rural Roubaix, making it one of the oldest eCommerce businesses. This means that listing products on La Redoute takes a little more than usual.

Listings must be supplied in French – and well-written French. A professional translator is needed. The idea is that the listings should be mother-tongue accurate. Your translator might be based in the UK, but they should understand French as the French speak it.

La Redoute also requires that sellers provide either a freephone number or a local rate one for customer communication.

Get ready to sell on La Redoute with full order management support from Cloud Commerce Pro.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Marketplace Selling

Past that point, listing and selling products works as with any other marketplace – and Cloud Commerce Pro is proud to announce we now offer support. You can now sell on La Redoute with our trademark multi-channel support.

As more and more businesses look to diversify sales channels, the challenges of selling in several places without a central system are only growing.

But with ‘big tech’ companies in the sights of many politicians, and with customers increasingly choosing one marketplace to shop on, the benefits of being present on multiple channels are huge.

This is just the first in a push to add more marketplace options for our customers. Cloud Commerce Pro is proud to offer our clients support with every aspect of their retail business. Adding support for new marketplaces is a key part of that. And thanks to our Workflows tool, we can sync with anything.

That means we offer customers with unusual requirements some support from the off. But we’re always working to improve that support and enhance our connection with other platforms and marketplaces.

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