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Serial Number and Batch tracking feature called Dispatch Identifiers

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Cloud Commerce Pro is pleased to announce another new feature called Dispatch Identifiers.

For some of our customers, it is essential to track serial numbers, batch codes and other identifiers when dispatching products. For example, if you are selling computers you may wish to track the serial numbers, for foodstuffs it may be the batch that the food was made from. There are many other use cases. With immediate effect, this feature is now available through your Cloud Commerce Pro system.

Dispatch identifiers have four available modes (and an off state) and are set on the product screen.

Mode 1 Free Text – An optional field will be displayed at the point of dispatch to enter or scan any number or letter combination.

Mode 2 Unique by product – As above but the same identifier cannot be used more than once.

Mode 3 Pre entered Product Serial Numbers Single Use – Serial numbers are entered as you check in new stock and you must select from those when you dispatch them.

Mode 4 Pre entered Product Serial Numbers Multiple Use – This can be used for batch ID’s or serial numbers that can be used more than once but at least one must be selected at dispatch point.

With all modes, when you dispatch the order you will be presented with additional fields if any of these modes are turned on. (Please note Dispatch Identifiers is currently only available for dispatch by the Pack Station or standard Dispatch view.  It is not currently available in Bulk dispatch modes however you can still enter serials against an order before bulk dispatching by opening the order in the dispatch queue).

There are new search options in the main customer screen to track down previously used Dispatch Identifiers.


And also a new report in the Reports Menu.

If you wish to use Dispatch Identifiers please speak to the Cloud Commerce Pro Support Team.

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