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Integrate and automate shipping

As consumer raise their expectations of higher convenience and lower costs of delivery continue businesses must offer greater options for shipping.

Dispatch customer orders with confidence with a scaleable solution that integrates with world class courier services, third logistic parties (3PLs) and shipping partners.

  • Deliver products anywhere, minimise overheads and satisfy customers

Integrate with world leading shipping & courier services

We’re here if it feels overwhelming...

Cloud Commerce Pro provides all our customers with a dedicated shipping specialist during implementation. Find the best shipping solution for your business and receive human support to ensure the correct configuration.

Shipping Automation Features

CCP shipping rules automation
  • Tailored Approach

    One size does not fit all! Our shipping specialists will map out the most efficient process for your team to achieve a picking & packing process that works for you.

  • Label Printing

    Auto-print shipping labels directly from your couriers. Choose from a number of label and documentation options, including bulk printing for high volume.

  • Priortise Orders

    Prioritise orders so they always appear at the top of your dispatch queue. Ideal for next day deliveries and Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders.

  • Auto-drop Shipping

    Select orders easily for Drop Ship suppliers or create rules that automatically send orders to them directly.

  • Ship Orders via 3PL

    Receive tracking notifications with orders ready for shipping by a 3rd party external warehouse. It automatically updates the selling channels when dispatching orders.

Set Shipping Rules how you like...

Reduce labour overheads and increase profitability, by automating processes with customisable shipping rules and simplify the dispatch process. From printing shipping labels to automatically booking pre selected courier services everything can be automated. Save time and increase efficiency.

Set simple or complex automated shipping rules

Help warehousing staff by removing the need to decide which postage or courier service to use.

Assign multiple carriers

Plan every scenario and assign which one of their services you wish to us to handle any situation.

Override your main shipping rules or select a different rule

Add exclusions based on locations, weights, sizes or even keywords in addresses.

Overriding rules available at all times

This is subject to permissions assigned to the user manual.

Drop Shipping made easy

Drop Shipping offers many benefits to retailers. Besides reducing fulfilment tasks, it avoids financial risk by not holding stock. There is also more flexibility to test new products.

Using our Drop-ship feature lets you send orders directly to the supplier via email or CSV. Our system supports this type of order fulfilment, and a few extra benefits to make the process even simpler. Using our latest Drop-ship feature lets you send orders directly to the supplier via email or FTP. On the other hand, use our API. to interact with the suppliers’ EDI solution.

Furthermore, convert your existing orders in your dispatch queue to be fulfilled by drop shipping supplier.


Are you applying a Shipping strategy to lower costs and increase profit?