Shipping and Courier Integration

Choosing the best shipping courier for your business and each order can have a large impact on profits. Cloud Commerce Pro integrates with an extensive list of couriers to help with the time consuming process of order fulfilment and delivery.

  • Efficient Shipping

    Save money and boost profits with rules. Select the cheapest courier for the cost, location, size and weight of the order.

  • All in one place

    One system to stay on top of all your orders. Let alone where they originate from, or which courier you wish to use.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Say goodbye to unhappy customers with efficient order processing and fast, accurate deliveries.

The complete Shipping & Courier integration

Cloud Commerce Pro’s shipping and courier integration includes all the major providers. And with our Shipping Automation feature, you can notify the shipping courier with all delivery details and data automatically. Therefore, reducing time & errors re-keying order information and minimising potential errors.

Additionally, you can set rules and criteria to control courier selection for particular orders. So you’ll apply the most appropriate and profitable courier and service.

Cloud Commerce Pro are also partners with courier consolidation company Netdespatch. They integrate with all major couriers, so offering a streamline experience for retailers to give their customers the best possible service and price.


Are you applying a Shipping strategy to lower costs and increase profit?

Don’t see your platform? Try our Open API...

CCP Integrate with our Open API

If you use another platform, then you can simply connect using our Open API to integrate with our system.

Cloud Commerce Pro’s Open API is a developer interface that allows you to accomplish many tasks. In particular, it can apply either into or out of your CCP account.

What’s more, customers and developers can use our Open API to connect a variety of platforms, such as:

  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Bespoke CMS and Ecommerce Platforms
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Despatch services
  • CCP free online demo customer referrals
    Accounting packages

Our Open API can also be used to automate supplier stock availability, and much more!