Shopify Shipping Integration Software

Manage all your couriers and logistics providers from one integrated system for all Shopify orders, saving you time and effort. With increased efficiency and accuracy, deliveries are ready to go in time and to the right customer.

Improve your profitability by auto selecting the most suitable and economical couriers for each Shopify order

Manually printing shipping labels, booking in deliveries, notifying customers, copying and pasting addresses to create tracking numbers – all these manual tasks can be avoided with simple shipping automation.

With Cloud Commerce Pro, everything is automated. Once an order is ready for dispatch the shipping label is printed and booked in with he selected courier.


Total automation speeds up your shipping process & keeps customers happy.


Shipping Features

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    Shipping Automation

    Create rules to automatically assign orders to a selected courier based on weight, size, quantity, price & location.

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    Label Printing

    Shipping labels are printed directly from the order despatch system, automatically booking the delivery with the courier, ready to collect.

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    Auto-drop Shipping

    Individual products can be set to automatically send a ‘Drop Ship’ order directly to the supplier, without the need for manual processing.

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    Order Tracking

    Order tracking numbers are automatically obtained from the courier, added to the order and sent out to the customer.

automated shipping
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    Courier Integration

    Choose from over 17 of the world’s leading shopping and logistics providers, eliminating the need to re-key orders.

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    Drop Shipping

    Easily select which orders are to be fulfilled through Drop Shipping suppliers, sending an automated email directly to the supplier.

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    Fulfill orders from any channel using Amazon FBA. Products can be set to always be FBA, or manually in the event of a stock issue.

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    Customer Notifications

    Use fully automated and customisable, triggered emails, to keep your customers in the loop at every stage of the order process.

Shipping Rules

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    Set simple or complex shipping rules that ensure your warehouse picking staff don’t have to make decisions about which postage service is best to use.

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    Assign multiple carriers and set which one of their services you wish to use in every scenario.

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    Add exclusions to the rules based on locations, weights, sizes or even keywords in addresses to override the main rule and select a different rule.

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    Manual override at all times is available subject to permissions assigned to the user.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping offers many benefits to retailers including less financial risk by not holding stock, greater flexibility to test new products, and little fulfillment tasks.

Our system can fully support this type of order fulfillment, with a few extra benefits to make the process even simpler. Our latest Drop-ship feature allows for orders to be sent directly to the Drop Shipping supplier via email, FTP or using our API to interact with the suppliers own EDI solution.

What’s more, you can also convert existing orders in your dispatch queue to be fulfilled by a Drop Ship supplier.


Are you applying a shipping strategy to lower costs and increase profit?

Get on-board

At Cloud Commerce Pro, we understand every business is unique. Not only do we just develop software, but also want to understand your processes and needs, in order to provide a bespoke service tailored to achieving your goals.

Our unique, on-boarding approach offers an on-site consultation. Let alone our advice and training designed to help your business grow.

  • We meet all essential members of your team and understand how each fits into your fulfilment workflow.
  • We explain our system features in detail, and how to tailor them to your work processes.
  • Create an implementation / migration project plan, to set targets and expectations.
  • Discover key issues you are facing as a business, to offer help and advice, using our years of retail experience.
  • Identify potential areas to reduce costs while improving sales and revenue.

Don’t just take our word for it…


The Challenge

Jamie initially started his business as a side line, running it from his house while maintaining a full-time job, selling a range of soft bedroom furnishings through multiple channels including Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

Jamie Agar
The Cosy Bedding Company
“Every time we call the support team they are quick to help out and always get back to you either the same or next day if unavailable. I would definitely recommend CCP to any business large or small who is looking for this type of system.”