SME Retailer

This SME Retailer is a six-man team who processes around 900 orders per week. In total, they list around 3,000 SKUs including bundle deals, product variations, etc.

After four years as satisfied customers of Linnworks, a switch to a new online system upset their order management process.

The migration left them with a reduction in functionality and missing some key integrations with other systems. Furthermore, an adjustment in the price structure meant they were paying £350 per month for a 6-user licence.

How do we compare?

Cloud Commerce ProLinnworks*
Total £400 per mthTotal £719 per mth
Managed Set-Up Self-Managed Set-Up or Third Party Paid Service
Core System Monthly Fee: £250 Advanced Licence: £450 Per Month
Complex Warehouse Management Monthly Fee: £100Not Included
Xero Feed Integration Monthly Fee: £50Not available
Equivalent IncludedXSellCo Monthly Fee: £169
Equivalent IncludedWebTranslate Monthly Fee: £100
Full Training and SupportNot Included
On-Site ConsultationNot Available
Automatic Supplier Re-OrderingNot Available
Automatic Courier BookingNot Available

* Information correct as of 22/05/19

SME Retailer Requirements

This SME Retailer sell products on Amazon, eBay and their own Shopify CMS website. They also dispatch Orders via four couriers: Royal Mail, MyHermes, DPD and Pall-Ex.

Initially, they were running Linnworks when they approached us. Also, they had integrations with XSellCo, Xero, and Repricer Express.


Initially, our team arranged a pre-sale consultancy visit to the SME retailer. This step is important. In particular, we aim to make sure we understand all of our customers’ requirements. During this visit, we realised we could offer integration with their preferred account package Xero. Therefore, feeding all channel sales and purchase orders in directly.

We carried out a live webinar with the client, highlighting their requested features and pointing out other benefits (including our integrated message centre, allowing them to do away with their XSellCo subscription).

We demonstrated we could integrate all their sales channels and couriers. (This is now even easier, thanks to our Sync with Anything feature.) While discussing their warehouse management, we agreed to provide an enhanced solution with barcoded locations for goods in management. This allows full complex warehouse management.


We met with the team at our Lancaster training facility. We agreed a timetable for a serviced switch to our system within 8 weeks.

The customer’s dedicated account manager acted as a contact point and check for the customer with our in-house product specialists. Meanwhile, that team implemented new automated shipping rules and laid the groundwork for their barcoded warehouse management bays.

Our accounts integration team was at work in this period helping the customers’ accountants with Xero accounts integration. We were able to allow for automated payments allocations.

During this period the customer also discovered our translation service, translating both incoming and outbound emails and messages with overseas customers. After trialling this service (which also translates product listed) they discovered that it produced identical results to their paid WebTranslate service – so they were able to cut this subscription, too.

* Prices represent cost to customer across all named service vendors. Information correct as of 19/3/19.

“We would like to thanks James and the account management team at Cloud Commerce Pro.

We moved from Linnworks after 4 years because we just couldn’t get used to the new online changes, it felt like we were being used at testers for the product. We didn’t move to save money or even to necessarily find new solutions but we have done both. Our Linnworks system evolved over the time we used it, we kept adding other functions when we had time.

Cloud Commerce Pro planned everything with us from the start though and we pretty much left it to them. Particular mention and thanks should go to the Shipping team who were really helpful with moving us away from integrated labels. They also helped in getting our Warehouse sorted to allow us to use barcode readers to drop products onto location shelves, that has been so useful in freeing up space in the warehouse.

Finally, a massive massive thanks to the accounts team for working with us on the Xero integration, she was so helpful in explaining everything and working with Sue at our end to get it all set up.”

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