Amazon Repricer: Keep your prices competitive

Gaining greater product reach is a key part of becoming a successful Amazon Seller. There are many ways to achieve this, however having competitive pricing is one of the most significant factors in winning the ‘Buy box’.

With our Amazon Repricing solution, you can not only re-price your products to beat the competition, but you can also adjust the prices up, so that you can gain a better return by always staying just below the next highest price.

So, what does it take to win the Amazon Buy Box?

The landed price isn’t the only winning factor in order to gain the ‘buy box’, Amazon’s algorithm looks at many elements, such as the sellers history, reputation and customer responsiveness. It also looks at whether they ship using FBA.

The key factors are:

  • A good history of successful selling on Amazon

  • Excellent Customer Service and Seller feedback

  • Great customer metrics and Seller rating above 90

  • Having enough stock to be able to handle demand

  • Use FBA, unless you offer a good fulfilment service

  • ...and finally, the price!

Not only does a good pricing strategy help to increase a products visibility, but also aids in converting users. Sellers don’t necessarily need to offer the cheapest price, but at least one of the lowest. Therefore, it’s important to understand that the landed price needs to be competitive, as Amazon takes the delivery charge into account.

Our Solution: Amazon Repricer

Selling hundreds or thousands of items can be very time-consuming to research and keep track of your competitor’s prices and delivery charges. In fact, some say it’s almost impossible!

However, our Amazon Repricing software can set each of your product prices automatically, in order to keep them competitive against all other sellers. Simply set the price ranges you are happy to sell each item for and the repricing feature will do the rest.

  • Pricing Strategy

    Create customised pricing rules based on seller types, rankings, profit margins and more.

  • Product Filtering

    Quickly filter all products in the sales channel by pricing rule, FBA products & attributes.

  • Ensure the Best Price

    Eliminate time spent monitoring your competitors' prices and responding to the constant fluctuations.

  • Bulk Edits

    Save more time by applying Amazon re-pricing rules, set min/max prices across all products in bulk.

  • Focus on your Business

    Free up your time to focus on growing your business and ensuring you have happy customers.

  • History/Log Reports

    Access a complete history of activity logs and price changes for all product SKUs.

  • Set Min/Max Prices

    Protect your margins and reputation, so ensuring you don’t sell too cheaply or are overpriced.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Analyse the price, shipping costs, condition and ranking of all sellers listing the same products.

See how our Amazon Repricer works:


See how you can benefit…

Quick and Easy Setup

We help and support you through the whole on-boarding process.

Free on-site Consultation

That is, to fully understand your business goals and objectives.

Purpose built for you

Our system saves you doing all the work, unlike off-the-shelf solutions.

Full Training and Support

We create a bespoke training plan, specifically tailored to your needs.

Amazon Repricing

Use rules to adjust your prices in order to stay price competitive.

No User Limits

Our system comes with no user limits. Nor any extra charges by the number of users you have.

Secure Access Anywhere

Access from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Affordable Monthly Cost

Low, fixed monthly costs and rolling contract. Also, no hidden pricing.