Message Centre: Manage all your mailboxes in one account

Managing several marketplace accounts and websites can be time consuming and complex when having to support sales and customers service queries throughout the day. While responding quickly can provide major benefits, especially on Amazon.

Cloud Commerce Pro provides the ability to help manage and respond to all sales and customer support queries from multiple eBay, Amazon and private email accounts - in one central message centre. Presenting a single customer view with quick access to previous order, customer and message history.

How can a better communication strategy improve your business?

Whether pre-sales or post-sales, it is important to maintain effective communication in order to build confidence in your brand, and to develop future advocacy. For ecommerce and marketplace retailers, the communication process can be broken down into two categories.

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    Pre-sales Communication

    Potential customers need to feel a level of confidence and trust when purchasing online. Your communication needs to be effective, to persuade users to part with money in a few clicks.

    You can achieve this by producing great on-site content, product descriptions and responding effectively to any pre-sales questions.

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    Post-sales Communication

    Once a customer has parted with their money, it is imperative to keep up the effort of good communication, whether they are buying directly from you or through a marketplace channel.

    By creating loyalty and advocacy with customers, can make a small ecommerce business into a serious player.

Amazon is one example where good communication pays off. By responding quickly to customers and keeping them happy improves your ‘customer metrics’ and aids to increase your seller rating – all of which helps to win the ‘buy box’ and gain your products more visibility.

The key to effective communication is being clear, concise and responding in a timely manner. But you also need to the tools to help you do this.

Our Solution - Message Centre

Cloud Commerce Pro’s ‘Message Centre’, is a tool to aggregate all communications from your varying mail boxes into one. Each email is identified using the senders email address and matches it to a customer record, so you can get a full picture of their order history and quickly respond.

Rules are used to prioritise message types and set reply timers so you can be alerted to messages that require a response. As research suggests, messages responded to within 24hrs receive 50% less negative reviews. Or instantly translate messages and responses into multiple languages, automatically storing the translations in the customer’s CRM record.

Other features include:

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    Aggregate all in-bound emails for eBay, Amazon and ecommerce websites into one message centre.

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    All communications are documented by the system and attached to the customers CRM record.

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    Messages are tracked and prioritised in order of last response time, with alerts and messages showing reply times.

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    All emails are directly sent to the customer and marked as replied in the linked marketplace channel.

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    Emails are automatically identified from the sales channels, where the order was placed.

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    Create templates for replying to typical support queries, to help speed up response times and reduce work load.

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How can you benefit?

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    Affordable Monthly Cost

    Low fixed monthly costs and rolling contract. Also, no hidden pricing

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    Quick & Easy set up

    Indeed, we help and support through the whole on-boarding process.

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    Amazon Re-pricing

    Use rules to decrease and increase your prices, so that you stay price competitive.

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    Works For You

    Above all, this isn’t an off-the-shelf solution for the purpose of you doing all the work.

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    Cloud-Based System

    Access from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

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    Unlimited Users

    Indeed, our system is not restricted. Nor is it chargable by the number of users you have.

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    Free On-site Consultation

    That is, to fully understand your business goals and objectives.

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    Full Support & Training

    We create a bespoke training plan, specifically tailored to your needs.