Shipping Rules - Automate choosing the right courier and service

While there are many important aspects of running an online retail business, ‘Shipping’ can be low on the list of priorities or avoided due to the complexities. However, Shipping can make or break a business.

With Cloud Commerce Pro you can develop and implement complex shipping strategies using the advanced ‘Shipping Rules’ to greatly impact your businesses bottom line  - as well as saving a considerable amount of time and effort.

What is your shipping strategy?

As with most strategies in business, it is always best to begin looking at your competitors:

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    Do they offer free shipping?
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    What shipping couriers do they use?
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    What shipping options do they offer?

You need to be thinking about any specific needs of your products from the size and fragility to any custom requirements. Also, the volume you expect to sell and the locations of where you will be shipping to, will be deciding factors in which courier and service you will want to use.

Once you have your strategy, which can be very complex depending on the products you sell, the implementation of this, and having the flexibility to change can be the hardest struggle for most businesses.

However, being able to reduce your shipping costs can massively impact your business - by either improving your profitability or passing on the cost savings to your customers to improve your conversion rates.

Our Solution

Cloud Commerce Pro’s advanced shipping feature allows you to set complex rules to ensure your warehouse or packing staff don’t have to make decisions about which postage service is best to use.

The rules, which are based on:

  • Location

  • Weight

  • Size

  • Quantity

  • Price

Can be used to select a specific service from multiple couriers, in order to choose the most appropriate, efficient and cheapest option.

One example – when sending parcels to multi-occupancy premises, you may want to choose a signed for service rather than sending standard delivery. An exclusion can be added to a rule that looks for the word ‘flat’ in the address, so changing the delivery service.

The system also has the flexibility to manually over-ride the rules at all times, if needed and dependent on the user’s permissions.

We fully support the set-up and implementation of all rules for our customers.

Watch the Shipping Rules Video

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How can you benefit?

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    Affordable Monthly Cost

    Low fixed monthly costs and rolling contract. Also, no hidden pricing

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    Quick & Easy set up

    Indeed, we help and support through the whole on-boarding process.

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    Amazon Re-pricing

    Use rules to decrease and increase your prices, so that you stay price competitive.

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    Works For You

    Above all, this isn’t an off-the-shelf solution for the purpose of you doing all the work.

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    Cloud-Based System

    Access from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

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    Unlimited Users

    Indeed, our system is not restricted. Nor is it chargable by the number of users you have.

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    Free On-site Consultation

    That is, to fully understand your business goals and objectives.

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    Full Support & Training

    We create a bespoke training plan, specifically tailored to your needs.