Processing Telephone Orders quickly

We find there are many day-to-day challenges and problems companies face that affect productivity and quality of work-flow processes.

Cloud Commerce Pro listen carefully to customer issues.

We understand how understand how important these issues are to you. So for this reason, we update our system regularly with features & solutions to overcome these problems. One such issue is Telephone orders.

How do you take orders from a phone call or customers who enter your store?

What happens now if a customer calls, or walks into your premises and wants to place an order, but would like to pay by cheque? Or even another method such as PayPal?

In another example, how would you take an order over the phone from a customer wanting to buy a product from your website. Furthermore, they have a discount voucher via email but have accidentally deleted it and can’t remember the code?

Can you help them? Do you turn them or the business down?

Maybe you fudge the order into the system, knowing it will cause you a headache further down your workflow?

Our Solution

Cloud Commerce Pro enables you to take telephone orders quickly, with the option of using several payment methods. Not only this, but also adds it to the same dispatch queue as other channels.

Our system allows for the speedy creation of orders. So for instance, you can take orders over the phone or from a customer who may enter your shop or store. This lets you to easily input the customer, order and payment details to a selected channel. On confirmation, it goes into to the despatch queue automatically and sends an invoice to the customer.

  • Create a customer record with address verification

  • Select item from a searchable and categorised list of products

  • Assign the order to a channel from reporting and stock control

  • Taking Payment via Cash, Cheque, Standing Order, DD, Virtual PDQ etc.

  • Mark as paid, so item is added to despatch list with other orders

  • Customer receives automatic invoice

See our easy steps in dealing with Telephone Orders:


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