Become more efficient with Warehouse Barcoding & Scanning

We find there are many day-to-day challenges and problems companies face that affect productivity and quality of work-flow processes. Cloud Commerce Pro listens carefully to these customer issues.

We understand how understand how important these issues are to you. So for this reason, we update our system regularly with features & solutions to overcome these problems.

With this in mind, we can help you to make full use of barcode technology.

Besides better accuracy and efficiency in your warehouse order picking methods, it also improves daily dispatch and stock-taking tasks. Order picking and packing is by far the most costly function for online retailers in both time and money. What’s more, it contributes most in delivering a positive or negative customer experience.

Getting this process right can produce huge benefits. We have seen this many times and overall, it can impact directly on a business’ profitability and growth potential.

How do you Pick & Pack orders?

To begin with, the first job in the morning for retailers is to print out the orders or picking lists from the day before.

Many perform this process by printing out single-order, multi-order or multi-product pick lists:

  • Single Order Pick Lists

    The picker prints orders individually, then moves round the warehouse selecting all items to complete the order before going back to the packing station.

  • Multi-Order Pick Lists

    Similar to ‘Single-Order Lists’, but the warehouse staff can select pick several orders at once before returning to the packing station.

  • Multi Product Pick Lists

    All items from the selected orders are grouped together to allows the picker to move around the warehouse once to fulfill all the orders.

Even with the most proficient operation, picking and packing using these methods (which we support) can still be very inefficient. Indeed, it can affect the accuracy of the fulfilled order, resulting in unhappy customers.

Do you have the capacity to grow?

It can be difficult for businesses looking to grow sales through investing in marketing and web development strategies. Specifically, to further invest in additional internal resource to fulfil extra orders by taking on more warehouse staff. Therefore, it’s imperative to become more efficient within the warehouse processes, so the existing team can manage the orders.

Our Solution

Cloud Commerce Pro provides the software designed for mobile computer scanning devices, so you can take full advantage of barcoding technology to deliver more efficient and accurate picking and packing.

By booking your stock into bays, as it is delivered to your warehouse or unit, our system knows the location and quantity of all your products. As the pick list is sent to the scanner terminal, the picker is directed using the most efficient route around the warehouse to pick items to complete all orders.

Once at the packing station, items are again scanned, which brings up the order on the station display and notifies the packer whether there are any other items need to complete the order. When marked as complete, the shipping label is automatically printed and booked in with the courier ready to collect.

  • Instantly know the stock levels of products that are split over multiple warehouses

  • Pick items for multiple orders all at once, greatly improving the picking efficiency

  • Pick orders from many pre-set routines, or create your own using rules

  • Automatically keep track of all coming in and going out of the warehouse

  • Perform quick and automated stock checks, with high accuracy

  • Book stock directly in, which is then instantly updated on all selling channels

See how our Warehouse Barcode & Scanning works:


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