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Supplier Quick Add Purchase Order – Improved Feature

October 25, 2017

Today we are pleased to announce an improved supplier purchase order feature, rolling out to your system during the next couple of days for customers who use manual purchase orders.  Please remember that Cloud Commerce Pro also has a market leading “Auto Purchase Order” feature that is available for all customers.  Please ask CCP support for assistance on these features.

Following customer feedback, we have added more functionality to the “Quick Add” button in the supplier’s section. Previously this feature was limited to creating purchase orders to be checked in to your stock immediately. This allowed you to quickly enter supplier deliveries and cost prices as they arrived at your warehouse. The “New Order” button allowed you to create a more traditional purchase order for future delivery from your supplier.

Due to the popularity of the “Quick Order” interface for entering new orders we have now added a modal menu at the end of the process that allows you to choose if this is to be a traditional quick order for immediate delivery into your stock levels or a more traditional purchase order that will be left open to either edit or send later to your supplier.

We hope you like this improved feature.

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