Sync with Anything

Cloud Commerce Pro has a built in robotic sync tool called Workflows that can create the processes to automate your business. Your project manager can create custom processes to make sure you and your team get to spend your time growing your business instead of repetitive administrative processes.

Sync with any channel or system.

Sync stock feeds, suppliers, reports and more.

Event-driven or scheduled.

  • Connect to any channel or system

    Cloud Commerce Pro can be your central stock and order hub and connect to any channel or system you wish.  Our team can help you connect through FTP, SFTP or through API's and EDI to send or receive the data to or from any location. 

  • Unlimited Automation

    We offer complete process automation from simple ready made connectors through to custom connections to your specification. From regular supplier stock feeds through to complete interactivity between remote channels, suppliers, drop-shippers, running automated reports, sending stock lists to customer. In fact pretty much any process you can think of can be created and automated.


Event-driven or Scheduled?

Any event in Cloud Commerce Pro such as a click of a button or a stock change can trigger an event that can run a synchronization or update. In addition, scheduled triggers can create processes to run at any time of the day or night.


Want us to connect to your system or channel?

If you have a channel or system you would like to connect, speak to our Sales team for more information.