Trade Counter EPOS

Cloud Commerce Pro connects your online trade portal with a bricks & mortar trade counter, allowing your trade counter EPOS to sell from a synchronised inventory - never sell an item in-store that's already spoken for.

A Trade Counter EPOS for the Personal Touch

Cloud Commerce Pro links your sales channels together in one system, which makes it easy for your trade counter EPOS to access individual trade accounts.

Sell at point of sale with the agreed discount, automatically add sale details onto the customer's trade account, and even handle refunds - all while selling from a central inventory with an accurate record of stocks.

Your customer will be able to log on later and review purchases made at point of sale. They can allow trusted staff the flexibility to make essential purchases while retaining accountability.

Trade and EPOS

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    Stock Control

    Manage inventory for the trade counter from the same central inventory that powers your eCommerce sales, even if stock is stored across multiple locations.

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    Trade customers have limited system access, allowing them to access reports on their orders to date.

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    Account Level Discounts

    Set a general discount level for all trade accounts or give your most important customers an additional cost break.

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    If the whole order isn't in stock, orders can be earmarked for delivery from other locations or when a purchase order is fulfilled.

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    Payment System Integration

    Multiple payment methods available thanks to our extensive list of payment gateway integrations.

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    Multiple Device Options

    Our EPOS system will work on POS systems, hand-held tablets, or laptops as needed.

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    Barcode Scanning

    A continually updated barcode scanning system increases EPOS efficiency as well as streamlining warehouse management.

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    Loyalty Programs

    Implement loyalty programs and link purchases to each customer via the CRM.


How do you quickly take and process an order over the phone or on-site?

Powerful Discount features...

Cloud Commerce Pro now offer a smart Discounts feature so you can offer your customer a flexible range of Discount options.

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    Targeted Discounts

    Apply account discounts for a customer for a specific product or any group of products

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    Channel Discounts

    Apply discounts to complete sales channels i.e. You could create different price banded channels to apply to different customers.

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    Date Discounts

    Apply discounts by date.

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    Price Break Discounts

    Apply discounts for quantity price breaks, e.g. from 5 to 20 of an item gets 10% off and 20-100 gets 20% off.

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    Ad-Hoc Discounts

    Ad-Hoc Discounts keeps a record of your previous discounts to customers in case you wish to reapply them. Every time a discount is applied, Cloud Commerce Pro logs the amount discounted and will recall alert you to this if you sell the item to the same customer again.

Get on-board

At Cloud Commerce Pro, we understand every business is unique. Not only do we just develop software, but also want to understand your processes and needs, in order to provide a bespoke service tailored to achieving your goals.

Our unique, on-boarding approach offers an on-site consultation. Let alone our advice and training designed to help your business grow.

  • We meet all essential members of your team and understand how each fits into your fulfilment workflow.
  • We explain our system features in detail, and how to tailor them to your work processes.
  • Create an implementation / migration project plan, to set targets and expectations.
  • Discover key issues you are facing as a business, to offer help and advice, using our years of retail experience.
  • Identify potential areas to reduce costs while improving sales and revenue.