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Two Factor Authentication Security Option

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Another day, another new feature from Cloud Commerce Pro. Today we are pleased to announce the release of our new two-factor authentication model to Cloud Commerce Pro which we strongly recommend for all our security-conscious users.

Two Factor authentication is provided in conjunction with the Google Authenticator smartphone application. If you turn this option on, each of your users will need to have the Google Authenticator app on their phones. On the first time they log in to the system they will be asked to confirm authentication by scanning a bar code on their smartphone using the Authenticator app and then on each subsequent login they will be given a pin on their phone to log in with. This is a substantially more secure login method than username and password alone.

An important note is Two Factor authentication is activated at company level meaning it is on or off for every user.

To enable the extra security please visit Configuration (top right hand corner of your system) then Permissions from the left-hand menu and then scroll down to turn on Two Factor Authentication.

To get the required app:

Download the Google Authenticator app from Either the iOS App store or Google Play Store using the links provided or searching for “Google Authenticator” on your mobile device.

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