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Upcoming Profiles add-on to Cloud Commerce Pro

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Here are a few sneak screenshots of our upcoming profiles feature release for Cloud Commerce Pro.  This feature allows you to train Cloud Commerce Pro to complete some or all criteria when listing products so you do it once and never have to do it again.

Profiles are being introduced throughout Cloud Commerce Pro to bring automated actions to an already highly automated system. Right now Cloud Commerce Pro will usually fill in 85% of all listing data from your inventory when creating new listings of Amazon, eBay or your websites but with this new feature we are going to help you create listings in just a single click.

There is a little way to go on it but we are hoping to have a release in the next two weeks.

Here are some example screens:

1.       Creating profiles.  We are introducing profiles that act on products, customer accounts and order.  Initially product will be in the first release.  In this screenshot you can set an action to happen if one or more of your options are matched.  For example if you add a new listing and the brand is Scalextric

Profiles Types

2.       Then set the types of actions so for example set the browse nodes to toy cars.

Profiles Set Browse Nodes

3.       Or possibly set options

Profiles Set Option

4.        You can also generate listing titles and other items from variables.

Profiles Generate Title


When you go to list a new product on any sales channel your pre-defined criteria kicks in and complete all boxes you have trained it to do.  This can include items such as Browse Nodes on Amazon, Categories and store categories on eBay, Shipping rates, generate titles from various data items and much more.

There are many possibilities. We are going to be doing an initial release that allows our customers to drastically speed up creating listings.  We will then be adding daily releases with more powerful automation features for your enjoyment.

No other system adds more features, more regularly and they are all included for all of our customers at no extra cost!


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