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Updated Feature, Amazon Pending Orders now register more quickly

December 5, 2017

Cloud Commerce Pro customers from today will start to see more “Issue” orders as we are now processing Amazon orders at an earlier stage to allow for more quicker stock allocations.

With immediate effect, we are bringing in Amazon orders that are in a pending state so that stock is reserved as quickly as possible to help avoid over-sales. You will now see more orders in your “Issue Orders” section at the top of the dispatch queue. The orders will show the text “Unavailable Order Pending” but do show the correct Amazon order ID and product that has been reserved.  Unfortunately, at this stage, Amazon will not provide full order details but we have enough information to reserve the stock. These orders are pending completion on Amazon.  As soon as the order completes on Amazon the pending order will be replaced automatically by the real order.

If the order cancels or does not complete on Amazon, the stock will be added back into your inventory automatically.

There is no action you need to take on these orders.  This feature was introduced for eBay in September 2017.

Also two weeks ago we updated address formatting to make more orders dispatch more easily even when your customers enter their addresses incorrectly.  This was an under the hood change that will have made your process easier.


Thanks to a suggestion from one of our customers we included an update to address storage on orders that auto formats the address line 1 and 2 to better fit within the courier rules so you get fewer orders needing manual correction and more orders booked in the first time.  We believe that this has significantly improved the ease of booking in parcels for some couriers. While we are at it we have added auto formatting for incorrectly entered UK postcodes.  Again this should make more orders go through first time to couriers.  You may not have noticed this change because it is designed to just make things easier.

We have also been working on speed improvements using a new data loading engine.  We have introduced this in the Pack Station screen two weeks ago and this has transformed loading speeds with loading times many times faster than before.  We intend to introduce these improvements to other parts of the system during the next few weeks including a much faster dispatch queue.

We hope you notice and appreciate the changes which are under the hood but no less significant than shiny new buttons and features!

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