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Updates to Product Manager

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Today we are introducing some minor but useful improvements to Product Manager that will help you identify and complete listings that you are part way through.

Previously we had filters that showed both listed (complete and successful listings on the channel) and unlisted (not added to the Cloud Commerce Pro sales channel) but we have now introduced another status called “Provisional”. This relates to listings that have been added to the Cloud Commerce Pro sales channel but have not yet been pushed to the selling channel such as Amazon or eBay.

In addition, we have made it possible to sort by this status by clicking at the top of the channel.

We have also added the listed date to the display for easy reference.

And finally, we have now made it possible to push products out to the channel to complete the listing process with the click of a button from this screen. (Please note the listing will only succeed if you have correctly entered all information required by the channel).

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