Unlimited User Management

Keep control of how the system is used within your working environment. That is, ensure consistency and accountability as a result of advanced permission settings and user management tracking.

No Limits on Users and Permissions

Assign specific permissions with user management. In particular, grant access to each user to certain parts of the system, as well as being able to track and report on all activity.

All Cloud Commerce Pro accounts can have unlimited users. Therefore, make sure all your team members have a unique user ID, so as to provide the most accurate tracking. Each event is noted and logged, such as logins, opening of a customer account, printouts and more.

User Management Types

  • Warehouse Staff

  • EPOS Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Order Picker

  • Order Dispatcher

  • Customer Services

  • Employee

  • Agent

  • Trade Customers

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How do you manage emails and communications from all your marketplace mailboxes?

Easy booking in Stock

Indeed, it is often the same warehouse staff who book in stock, as well as performing the picking and packing tasks. Therefore, it is important in running an efficient business that goods are booked in as quickly as possible, so to avoid any fuss and paper work.

Besides, by using a dedicated screen, warehouse staff can also select the purchase order deliveries and mark off the goods as they come in.

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    Mark your stock as delivered and then add back to all channels directly, so they are ready for selling.

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    Priortise back orders into the despatch queue, so that they are available for picking and packing.

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    Mark missing or damaged items accordingly. Also, raise credits for missing items automatically.

In addition, by labelling products with the latest barcode technology – as a result, they can be directly booked back into stock. Hence, by simply scanning the correct warehouse, bay or shelf and then finally, the product. Thus, for this reason it makes it the quickest and most accurate way of booking in stock.

Get on-board

At Cloud Commerce Pro we understand every business is unique. We don’t just provide software, we want to understand your processes and needs in order to provide a bespoke service, tailored to achieving your goals and growth potential.

Our unique on-boarding approach offers an onsite consultation with advice and training designed to help your business grow.

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    We meet all the essential members of your team and understand how each fits into your fulfilment workflow.
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    Explain in detail the full set of system features to show how they can be tailored to your working processes.
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    Create an implementation / migration project plan, to set targets and expectations.
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    Discover key issues you are facing as a business, to offer help and advice, using our years of retail experience.
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    Identify potential areas to reduce costs while improving sales and revenue.