Unlimited User Management

No limits on Users or Permissions

Keep control of how the system is used within your working environment. In addition, ensure everything is consistent and accountable as a result of advanced permission settings and user management tracking.

With user management, you can assign specific permissions. In particular, grant access to each user to certain parts of the system, as well as being able to track and report on all activity.

All Cloud Commerce Pro accounts can have unlimited users. Therefore, all your team members will have a unique user ID, in order to provide the most accurate tracking. Each event is noted and logged, such as logins, opening of a customer account, printouts and more.

CCP User management

User Management types

Warehouse Staff

EPOS Manager

Product Manager

Order Picker

Order Dispatcher

Customer Services



Trade Customers

Booking in Stock

Often it is the same warehouse staff who book in stock, as well as performing the picking and packing tasks. So it is crucial for improving efficiency, you provide them with the necessary tools to carry out tasks as quickly as possible with as little fuss and paper work as possible.

  • Book in stock through scanners or on-screen.

  • Once marked as delivered, stock is added directly back into all channels ready to be sold, or listed.

  • Back orders are set as a priority into the despatch queue, ready for Picking and Packing.

  • Mark missing or damaged items and easily reorder missing stock from a Purchase Order.


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