Vacancy: Developer Role

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Due to rapid growth Cloud Commerce Pro are seeking to place several developers into our existing in-house development team.

Cloud Commerce Pro is a multi-channel sales and retail management solution that is designed to increase efficiency in the sales provisioning and delivery process in addition to serving as a single-point product inventory across many different sales channels. Within the services that Cloud Commerce Pro offers are:

  • Complete sales channel integration into external systems such as Amazon, Ebay, Tesco, Magento and WordPress as well as internal sales management through wholesale and telephone channels.
  • Courier shipment integration into over 25+ different couriers including Royal Mail, DPD/Interlink, Yodel, MyHermes used in the management of orders and customers through our ERP system.
  • Repricing through Amazon to ensure customers remain competitive through price-matching on external channels
  • Picking and packing operations using warehouse barcode scanners fitted with our own internally developed software for windows CE 7
  • Full document delivery pipeline for invoice and label printing through our own internally developed software
  • Accounts integration with several leading bookkeeping packages such as sage, Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Point of sale experience using our internally developed EPOS software and order pipeline.

The role is full-stack and the candidates will be responsible for creation and integration of features into any of the areas above after going through training on our development practices and procedures.

Our Development stack:

  1. C# within ASP.NET 4.5+. WebForms as a base with a heavy emphasis on AJAX delivered content.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  3. Deployment to IIS on Windows Server 2014 via TeamCity for Continuous Integration.
  4. MSTest to deliver continuous integration testing with the Cloud Commerce framework.
  5. Custom Module-based Javascript framework utilising jQuery for DOM manipulation.
  6. HTML5 + CSS3 to deliver a rich User experience. Light implementation of responsive device practices but the solution is largely desktop-focused (with the idea to change this in the future).
  7. In-house (separate) wordpress team to deliver customer sites that connect to Cloud Commerce Pro.
  8. Use of winforms and windows services that form our background process framework.

Desired skills:

A candidate would ideally hold a mixed set of these skills with the idea of learning the others on the job:

  1. OOP-based C# with a heavy reliance on efficient data transfer between database and user.
  2. MS (or variant) Transact SQL knowledge performing typical C.R.U.D operations.
  3. Proficiency with Javascript to deliver a rich browsing experience through module driven components.
  4. Experience with HTML + CSS used to build user interfaces.
  5. Experience writing local applications (e.g. service-level applications) that run background tasks as part Cloud Commerce Pro.
  6. UAT Testing to ensure newly developed features meet the standards of our existing software and experience.
  7. Strong diagnostic and information processing skills.
To apply, please send your CV & covering letter here: