Try Cloud Commerce Pro – a superb alternative to Veeqo

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cloud commerce pro e-commerce multichannel management for retailers
  • CRM as standard

  • Auto Purchase Orders below set Inventory levels

  • Automatic Courier selection

  • Multi-channel Message Centre with auto-response support

Why use an Order Management System?

The goal of any multi-channel order management system (including Cloud Commerce Pro, Veeqo, and alternatives) is to make it easier for our customers to process orders across a wide range of channels.

  • Amazon Sellers

  • eCommerce Websites

  • eBay

  • EPOS

  • Telephone Orders

Seamless Order Management Process

Cloud Commerce Pro automatically syncs inventory across all channels when an order is taken. Every order also automatically updates an internal CRM which tracks customers across channels.

The CRM directly connects to a message centre which allows you to deal with all customer messages across all channels, with custom alerts if messages go unattended and an autoresponder to assure customers you’re paying attention.

To improve order management, there are three factors to consider:

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce Errors

  • Add Functionality

Automate Purchase orders for speedy dispatch

If an order takes stocks below pre-set thresholds, Cloud Commerce Pro will automatically generate a purchase order from your favoured supplier. All you have to do is sign off on the order and restocking begins.

Custom rules are also in place for our courier integration. For each order, the most appropriate shipping service can be selected and automatically booked. The process flows from order to courier smoothly and automatically, with no openings for human error.

Barcode scanning solutions also reduce the risk for error in picking and packing.

Our warehouse management also includes optimised pick lists. These lists can be set to prioritise specific orders or to make picking more efficient overall.

With dozens of full integrations and our unique Workflows tool (which allows us to sync with anything), Cloud Commerce Pro can mould to your way of working. At the same time, we’ll cut out points of error and streamline processes. Your team will be able to do more with less.

We also offer dedicated trade customer solutions without needing to integrate to and pay for other systems.

How do we compare?

Set-Up/Implementation Cloud Commerce Pro Veeqo
Free On-Site Consultation Yes No
Develop an Implementation Plan Yes No
Support in mapping SKUs across all Channels Yes No
Set-up for all integrations (inc. bespoke systems) Yes No
Features & Functionality
No Annual Contract Period Yes Yes
Pricing not based on Revenue Yes Yes
Ebay & Amazon Message Centre Yes No
Unlimited Users Yes No
Unlimited Phone Support Yes Yes
Unlimited Online Support Yes Yes
Unlimited 1-on-1 Training at our Head Office Yes No

“We had been looking for a while to streamline our business and to be honest were a bit daunted by the amount of companies out there and work involved but we need not have worried! CC Pro are a great company to work with, the support has been fantastic… The system has saved our warehouse staff so much time and we are saving money by having correct stock levels at all times.”

Anthony, SNH UK