Moving to a Volo Commerce alternative? Try Cloud Commerce Pro

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cloud commerce pro e-commerce multichannel management for retailers
  • CRM links purchases across channels by customer

  • Manage replies from all channels at once with the Message Centre

  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders below set inventory levels

  • Automatically sync Stock levels across channels in real-time

A Volo Commerce alternative that works for you

As a Volo Commerce alternative, Cloud Commerce Pro is ideally built as a multi-channel order management system you want to use. Besides this, it comes with the flexibility that fits your working style.

We believe order management systems such as Cloud Commerce Pro, Volo and others are best when teams are more efficient doing the repetitive things your business needs.

By automating the tedious parts of the job and streamlining others, increases capacity, reduces potential human error and makes happier staff and customers.

Automated and adaptable

When an order comes in, Cloud Commerce Pro’s system automatically syncs your inventory across all channels. It either adds the order to the existing customer CRM record, or creates a new record for new customers. Our system seamlessly integrates with:

  • Amazon Sellers

  • eCommerce Websites

  • eBay

  • EPOS

  • Telephone Orders

Processing Orders

Several automatic steps happen simultaneously as order processing begins.

The system compares each order to certain custom rules (weight, national/international, and other factors can all be set) and determines the ideal shipping service for that order, then automatically books the courier. Shipping labels are then generated and printed.

If the order takes one or more products below a certain stock level (set by you, based on your usual sale rate for the item), an automatic Repurchase Order will be created, ready to be sent off to your preferred supplier at the click of a button.

Finally, customers with barcode scanning systems can generate optimised pick lists automatically in the warehouse. You can also optimise these lists for speed or to prioritise certain orders.

Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated Message Centre directly links to the CRM. Primarily, this acts as a central record for all your sales channel messages from customers, so allowing you to manage them from one screen.

With auto-responder options and configurable alerts, you’ll never run the risk of missing or forgetting to respond to customers.

ccp crm message centre
  • Onsite Consultation

    Cloud Commerce Pro offers an onsite consultation. Both sides leave that meeting knowing what we can do for you and how it will benefit you.

  • Accurate Channel mapping and SKU control

    We’ll help you build a full, accurate base inventory and map it across your sales channels. We’ll cut out duplicate products and other issues.

  • Integrate directly to Couriers and more

    Through Cloud Commerce Pro you can integrate seamlessly with eBay, Amazon, all leading eCommerce platforms, major couriers, accounts packages and more.

A system tailored for you

We integrate fully with major eCommerce platforms, marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, and Wayfair, with all the major couriers, and with several payment gateways and accounting packages.

Cloud Commerce Pro also boasts a unique robotic sync tool. It allows our system to sync with anything. We can connect your bespoke accounting tool or reporting software to our system.

How do we compare?

Set-Up/Implementation Cloud Commerce Pro Volo Commerce
Free On-Site Consultation Yes No
Develop an Implementation Plan Yes No
Support in mapping SKUs across all Channels Yes No
Set-up for all integrations (inc. bespoke systems) Yes No
Features & Functionality
Integrated Message Centre Yes No
Automatically Invoice Customers Yes No
Unlimited Product Listings Yes No
Unlimited Users Yes No
EPOS Support Yes No
Phone Order Support Yes No
Unlimited Phone Support Yes No
Unlimited Online Support Yes No
Unlimited 1-on-1 Training at our Head Office Yes No